The author and the illustrator.

Find out more about the author Claudia Raab and illustrator Peter Oedekoven - the people behind the Schnatter and Lieschen books.

Claudia Raab

Claudia Raab

Claudia Raab was born in Munich. Before she began writing, she was a full-time musician / saxophonist and songwriter, and still is to this day. But she now only rarely goes on tour because her great love is writing children’s books, inventing characters and names and creating the lyrics for children’s songs.
For the last few years she has commuted between Munich and Brighton in England. This has become her second home now and a great inspiration to her, one which she could no longer do without.

Peter Oedekoven

Peter Oedekoven studied film and animation at the California Institute of the Arts in USA and, after graduating, worked on a number of national and international film productions as a character designer and visual developer.
Along with his work as a designer in film and animation, he has also been active in the colourful world of comic books and been responsible for illustrated books and books for children and young people.

He lives in Munich with his wife and their two children.

Claudia Raab
Onkel Hermann - the narrator

Onkel Hermann - the narrator

Herman Rarebell studied drums and piano at the Saarbrücken College of Music . In 1977 he joined the Scorpions. He wrote the music and lyrics for several Scorpions songs. He also won the “Echo” and the “World Music Award”. In 1996, he left the Scorpions.

He is currently on an extensive US tour as the drummer with Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock.

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